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How long are Range meal bars good for?

Even though Range meal bars are made entirely of "real" foods, and have no preservatives, the shelf life extends one year from the date of manufacture. For best freshness, we recommend eating your meal bars by the "BEST BY" date marked on the package, which is 6 months after the date of manufacture.

Why so much added sugar?

Honey. The FDA requires that it be listed as "added sugar."

Is Alpine Start organic?

Alpine Start is entirely organic with the exception of rolled oats. We were not able to source gluten free AND organic rolled oats, and chose to use the gluten free variety. This is something we will revisit in the future.

What do you mean by gluten free?

Range meal bars are produced from gluten free ingredients, and then tested in a third party lab to ensure less than 20ppm of gluten concentration. At the most recent audit, gluten concentrations were undetectable (less than 5ppm).

Does Alpine Start have any dairy?

No dairy is added to Alpine Start. Furthermore all of our suppliers have robust allergen control programs in place to prevent cross contamination. With this being said, we choose to list dairy in the "may contain" section to acknowledge that some ingredients are processed on shared equipment, and therefore there is a remote risk of cross contamination.

Is Alpine Start vegan?

Yes, with the exception of honey.

That coffee tastes good! Who roasts it?

We're glad you asked! The coffee in Alpine Start is sourced from Jim's Organic Coffee, out of West Warhead, MA. Founded in 1996, Jim's roasts only organic, shade-grown coffee. Jim's is a certified B-Corp, and its operations are run entirely on renewable energy. Sourcing coffee from Jim's is just one of the many decisions made to ensure that Range meal bars are of the highest quality. No cut corners. If you want to enjoy a quality cup of Joe with your meal bar, head on over to Jim's Organic Coffee, and grab a bag of Santa Marta.

How much caffeine is in Alpine Start?

Each Alpine Start bar as about 44mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to half a cup of coffee.

When's the next flavor coming out?

The next flavor is under development, and expected to be ready by 2021.

What's Range's return policy?

We stand behind our product. If you decide Range bars aren't the easiest, tastiest, and highest quality meal-on-the go, we'll refund all of your money. No questions asked.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, Range does not ship internationally. Perhaps in the future we'll expand our Range.

Range meal bars are very unique, and would serve my customers well. How do I get Range in my store(s)?

Range is working with select retailers to make our product readily available. Please contact for more information.

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